Appé Lanka

Appé Lanka is a rural development project initiated by Re-Awakening Lanka to empower 6 districts in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka beginning with Poonakary, an area that was devastated by a 30 year war against terrorism. Appé Lanka is already underway in Poonakary, in the Kilinochchi District. Poonakary has a population of over 20,000 residents in a 4392 km area. It enjoys a long pristine coastline along the West of Sri Lanka as well as the entire southern end of the Jaffna lagoon.

Appé Lanka aims to provide Renewable Electricity to villages in Poonakary that currently do not have dependable energy. Already, 28 solar homes in Poonakary have been given electricity using solar home systems and a further 1000 homes have been identified to receive solar units. The next village cluster identified for electricity comprises of 61 homes.

In order to provide Short Distance Travel Facilities, Appé Lanka has initiated a bicycle drive titled “Just give a child a bicycle and prevent them from dropping out of School.” Already, 300 school children in Poonakary have been given bicycles to enable them to continue their schooling. Approximately 1500 students in Poonakary and the adjoining divisions of Kandavalai, Karachchi and Pachchilaipalli need bicycles to enable them to travel to school and back.

To facilitate education, Appé Lanka will Teach English and Sinhala to School Children in Poonakary using specially designed AV modules. The initiative, titled “English for All by Appé Lanka” (Series 1), which compromises 12 modules, was introduced to the schools in September 2018.

In order to foster Lasting Peace and Reconciliation, a series titled “Peace and reconciliation through Sports and Arts” is in progress. Over the last 3 years, 8 programs were conducted in Colombo and Poonakary: “Music for Unity,” “Sports for Unity,” “Drama for Unity” and “Art for Unity” are already underway and workshops for Dance and Language are being designed.

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