,sLight up their lives with renewable energy

Last night there was a thunderstorm and we had no electricity. My first thought was, “Oh no! How can I charge my phone? I have loads of emails to send! What about my sari that needs to be ironed for my meeting tomorrow? My favorite TV program, my morning coffee, my son not been able to study for his exams, the fridge full of food..” But this is an every day concern, continuously every day, always for many Poonakarians.
For the people in Poonakary, lack of electricity is not about annoyance or frivolities: it is about the fear of a child studying using a kerosene oil lamp. It’s about the fear of treading on a poisonous snake. It’s about safety and security that makes them desperate for electricity. It’s just about sitting together and watching the news, a movie, a teledrama, about listening to the radio and being a family, a community. It’s about an evening to look forward to and not to dread. They have to have electricity.

The first cluster of homes has already received solar home systems. “They were not simply happy,” said the Divisional Secretariat Poonakary, “They are delighted.” Today, the next cluster village with 74 homes needs Solar Home Systems. For just 75,000/= per household we can illuminate their lives.