We Grow Our Own Food

From April this year we have embarked on a new project titled – We grow our own food. This project will commence in the division of Poonakary in the Grama Niladari division – Ponnavali. The purpose of this project is very simple it is to encourage 50 household wit home gardens to grow their own food. This will enable them to reduce the monthly expenses of their food bill and enable them to sell the excess to the neighboring houses that do not have home gardens. It will also enable to have a balanced nutritious diet at minimum cost.
Foreseeable benefits of the initiative – We grow our own food

  • Provide a balanced meal – improving the nutrition intake from 1,400 calories to 2,000
    calories per day
  • Provide the 50 households with home gardens with an additional source of income
  • The program will meet the household food and nutrition needs and the excess will be
    sold in the village market
  •  Greater disposable income
  • Female empowerment
  • Enhance land utilization and productivity
  • Promote organic farming


We grow our own food an initiative by Appe Lanka will give the 50 families in the GN division of Ponnavali the inputs, necessary knowledge, skills and supervision necessary to develop their home gardens in 2019