Sustainable Livelihood and Development 

Appe Lanka is about making lives better, about giving people the opportunity to empower themselves, about giving them what we take for granted, safe water, short distance travel facilities, renewable energy, teaching English and building lasting relationship through the use of sports and arts.

Under Appe Lanka’s mandate to provide sustainable employment to youth in the North, Appe Lanka initiated a boat building project and entered into a partnership with Building a Future Foundation (BAFF) which will not only train and employ youth in Northern Sri Lanka beginning with the GN division of Poonakary but will also build and launch boats and yachts birthing a sustainable yachting industry in Northern Sri Lanka.

Today J. Suvinthas , J. Thenujan , L. Daseevan are learning a skill, a skill that will enable them to be gainfully employed , a skill that will give them a better quality of life, a skill that will enable them and many Poonakarian youth like them live in confidence of a safe and better tomorrow.